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Residential Building Costs

A one-day course for architectural professionals on understanding building costs in the residential building industry

Most architectural professionals have experienced the stress of having to design around a client's budget. Calculating building costs is a vital part of the service offered by architectural professionals and this course offers practical tools and methods to assist in managing cost calculating.

I feel I have a better understanding on the subject. We as architectural professionals need this cost course as it gives clarity and a better understanding when it comes to calculating costs. I learned a lot and it‘s worth every cent. - Janette Bronchi

Thank you Graham for a fantastic workshop yesterday. The general consensus of the attendees was that of amazement and excellence. First workshop where I have not seen at least one person nodding off... :) - Pam Winstanley

What the course covers:
  1. Overview of calculating costs in the residential building industry
  2. The role of the architectural professional in a residential building project and responsibility in calculating costs
  3. m2 building rates
  4. How do contractors quote?
  5. Designing to budget
  6. Complexity and time when measuring a residential building
  7. Rate build-ups
  8. Drawings required to calculate costs effectively
  9. Material, labour, sub-contractors, and specialist contractors
  10. Provisional Sums, PC Items & Handling fees
  11. P&G and profit
  12. Using a Bill of Resources
  13. B.I.M. [building information modelling] and calculating costs

Upcoming Course Dates:

  • 14th July 2016 or
  • 21st July 2016

  • Cost: R1250.00

Architectural professionals, specifically working within the residential industry sector.
14 July 2016
21 July 2016
Brandford Manor, North Riding
1 day, 07:30 - 17:00
Tea, coffee and water served throughout the day. Full lunch (halaal and kosher arranged with booking)
1 CPD Point, Category 1